Sculpture by Steve Eastwood

Way back when


This is my very first piece of pottery I made at Primary school, at the age of 10. My teacher, Mr Rose said “it looks like The Thinker by Rodin”.

After he had said this, I wondered who “Rodin” was. I soon realised who he was after researching him in my art book.

This was my inspiration for doing more art and sculpture.

Two Headed Dragon

This piece is called Two Headed Dragon.

This was made at secondary school, out of clay with white glaze on top.

The 1st Cottage

This is the first piece of pottery I made after my stroke. It was made whilst I was at High Wycombe rehabilitation centre.

I only had the use of my left hand which I had never used before. I gave this cottage to my mother.

‘The Castle’

Made out of terracotta clay, bisque fired and then glazed in different types of grey glaze. I’ve tried to get the 90% angle of the castle and the horizontal on the bridge

‘Cottage No. 2′

I managed to put more detail in this sculpture, as I was becoming more accomplished at using my left hand.

‘Cottage No. 3′

With this sculpture, I felt I was more accomplished and it came out well


‘The Evil Rock’


Made at Wycombe rehabilitation centre. This piece represents the Devil erupting from the rocks, breaking free from the underworld. This was a significant piece for me, as it was made at a time when I was going through my rehabilitation and could see a glimmer of hope.

It was then that I realised that pottery/sculpture was for me.

‘3d Design’


This sculpture represents  ‘3d’ forcefully being pushed through a wall and coming out the other side.

This design was originally made out of terracotta clay. I then used plaster to create a negative of this design. When this was dry it was cast in Bronze resin.

‘Cubistic Head’


This is the first abstract piece I made at college. This piece is in cubism form, representing the ‘Joker’ from a deck of playing cards.




Figurative bust of my Father, made out of concrete with the addition of his real glasses.



Made out of terracotta clay.

Height Approx 9 inches.


Made from terracotta clay with a bronze spray finish.

Height Approx 9 Inches.

Private commission

Relief of  Osborne, Morris & Morgan Solicitors business.


‘The Man With No Name’

Figurine of a famous cowboy.

Height Approx 12 Inches.

Can you guess who he is?


‘Jack the Ripper’

When I was at college we were given a project to make a bust of a famous person, yet the person is you.

I made Jack the Ripper, with his lip turned up, as though he was going to attack you.


‘Thinking of the Thinker’

I was looking at the ‘Thinker’ by Rodin in France.

My friend took a picture of me while I was ‘Thinking of the Thinker’.

I couldn’t believe at the detail of the original  sculpture.


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