Sculpture by Steve Eastwood

Finished Projects

‘The King’


DIMENSIONS: H: 15” L: 7” W: 6 ½”

DESCRIPTION: This ‘king’ is made from ceramic clay. He has different pieces of ceramic colours to represent his crown and little bit of his jaw and face.

He is also been done in a cubist form.


A forceful vacuum is sucking the man backwards through the picture frame into another dimension, but he is so frightened, terrified that he is trying to hold on to our world that he is gripping the frame so fiercely that it is splintering, ripping and distorting. The canvas is being peeled in towards the vacuum and the whole picture is being drawn in through the frame. The veins in his arms and hands are about to burst through his skin and the muscles are so tight andtaut because of the force which is pulling him.


In another part of the world, an explosion has happened to a different picture and the man from the Vacuum picture is being exploded through the canvas, ripping the painting, exploding the frame outwards as if they where going to hit you. His toes are apart because they are feeling that there is nothing for them to stand on. The muscles are tensed up for the same reason.

Yet the reason why is, the whole body is going to appear where his legs are appearing now but he doesn’t know that!!

‘True Anger’


DIMENSIONS: H: 23” L: 11½” W: 9”

DESCRIPTION: It’s a bust of me showing true anger due to the fact that I was not able to get my words out. I was so filled up with frustration and anger that it made me swear.

I created this sculpture to describe how I was feeling when I had my stroke, the build up of anger and frustration from within. I took this piece onto BBC 2’s Show me the Monet – see the video below.

‘Harry the Magician’
DIMENSIONS: H: 22” L: 15½” W: 9½”
DESCRIPTION: Harry the magician holds a magic sword. Harry grants wishes to people who need help for a small payment. His bottomless pockets hold everything that he needs to make wishes come true.

‘The African Queen’


DIMENSIONS: H: 15” L: 16 ½” W: 13”

DESCRIPTION: The African Queen is a plant pot for an outside garden

‘The Roman Lady’


DIMENSIONS: H: 18” L: 17” W: 17”

DESCRIPTION:  ‘The Roman Lady’ is a plant pot for an outside garden

This Roman lady piece was one of my first works. It was a great project from start to finish, I used ducks eggs and cheese to make the eyes white and made the brown skin tone from the soil.

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